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The starting point

Uwell is the health and well-being digital platform by Sanofi, the French multinational pharmaceutical company, which integrates innovative services and personalized educational content. Sanofi aimed to engage consumers by giving them health tips for sleep and digestion issues through Uwell platform in a simple way.

Indigo.ai, in collaboration with Google Adlingo and GroupM, has created an interactive online campaign, through which users can talk to a virtual assistant and get personalized advice, discover different articles regarding what they’re interested in, and sign up for the newsletter.

I’m proud to add this new technology to the Digital Transformation process started years ago at Sanofi. This project created a strong user involvement on a large scale. The campaign has exceeded all the expectations and objectives we had set. It has greatly increased our UWell.it platform’s brand awareness, even compared to more established wellness websites.

Gianluca Ferri

Head of Business Operations & Support, Sanofi Italia


Talk to your users

This innovative digital campaign has enabled Sanofi to interact with consumers in a completely new way. For the first time users did not passively undergo an advertising campaign, but were able to have direct contact with the brand, discovering all the benefits that a platform like Uwell could offer them thanks to a conversational experience tailored on the target audience.

For a cost similar to standard display, this interactive online campaign succeeded in engaging users at scale, getting their attention for almost a minute. Moreover, a brand lift study demonstrated that the Ad was strongly recalled and has increased awareness on the Uwell brand above other Italian health and wellness websites.


Conversational AI impact on Sanofi


Average Engaged Conversation time per user


Lower cost per conversation than Sanofi’s target


Increase in Uwell's awareness among engaged users compared to the control group

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