ChatGPT and the brands
Why generative AI needs control
Talk magic
A magical story
This is a simple story. It is not a communication plan, nor is it a brand document or a manifesto of our values.
Like all great stories, it has a beginning, an unfolding and an end. Like all great stories, it also has some magic.
It is made to be read all in one go, like when you were a child.
It is made to be read by a special person, like when you were a child.
It is made for you.
Part 01
The past
(or how we found ourselves here)
Do you remember what it was like when you sent your first message? It will depend on how old you are. Maybe it might have been a text message, an email or a message on MSN.
You started typing with a keyboard for the first time. You pressed send and the message arrived in a few seconds to its recipient. All of a sudden you found yourself with a super power. And the world became full of unexplored possibilities, chock full of people to talk to.
It must have been incredible. A magical moment.
Since then, your life has never been the same.
We have all been there, each in a different way. We've all had these transformative experiences with digital communication. The first sleepless nights exchanging messages on instant chats with your friend who starts typing right after your message. The first email for a job interview. The first message on a forum where no one knew you.
It is difficult to describe these moments because, just like magic, it is not easy to articulate them with words. They have to be experienced.
Yet the technology that made them possible has nothing magical about it per se. It is the experiences that enable, on the other hand, that are special.
A key ingredient in this magic is the ability to connect people. Helping everyone feel a little more understood. Allowing you to listen better, and to communicate across space or time.
Not too long ago, sending a message seemed like magic.
It was magic.
Part 02
The present
(or what's wrong)
Flash forward to today. Over time, magic has become a reality and we have learned to integrate new ways of communicating into our lives.
Sending a message has become easy, taken for granted.
Feeling understood has not.
But in recent times we have seen some of that magic again that made us fall in love with it as kids. We can't stop talking about generative AI and ChatGPT anymore. AI has managed to bring back some of that lost magic.
Few visionaries among us would have been able to imagine challenging the school system with a chat or that artists would fight the first battles against AI.
Artificial intelligence is changing the way we live, work, love and even think. We haven't seen a revolution like this in a while.
Hype off the charts.
Millions of news stories.
Little clarity.
The upshot is that this magical revolution is not happening for everyone. The big laggards inonline artificial intelligence are the brands. We still struggle to find a brand that can listen to us and can respond with the simplicity we have come to love.
Talking to a brand as naturally as we interact with ChatGPT seems impossible. Old relationships that fail to evolve. With them, the future has stopped in the past.
But what is going wrong with brands and AI?
‍Theenemies of our story are three.
Enemy 01
AI, one of the most powerful technologies in recent years. One of the most uncontrollable technologies ever. OpenAI realized this after publishing ChatGPT. Hundreds of millions of messages with as many different responses. Variations on variations, multiplied ad infinitum. No brand, organization, or company in the world would risk talking to its customers without any idea what the next message would be. Each brand is a microcosm of unique information. Specific information that generalist AIs like ChatGPT simply do not know. In protected contexts there is a need for clear instructions, demarcated boundaries and specific information. Without control, the magic of AI risks turning into psychosis.
Enemy 02
Difficulties in adaptation
Whenever we interact with each other we let our identity do the talking. You have a unique tone of voice. Values you believe in, stories you like, and little quirks all your own. Brands and companies are the same. All unique in their own way. AI, however, is a suit that fits everyone. With no special features or typical shapes. Every brand communicates differently, and adapting the potential of generative AI to these tones of voice is still a difficult task. The magic of AI has to be tailor-made.
Enemy 03
Complex implementations
One of the special ingredients of the magic of technology is its accessibility. When it reaches the world, it is open to everyone, without distinction. The most revolutionary technologies have always been democratic and universal. Today, however, it is not the same with AI and brands. Lost in a tangle of hype. Colossal AI projects. Lengthy implementations and models that have little of AI. Then the hype fades, but brands' need to communicate remains. Reality should not be so complex. AI needs simplicity in order to reach everyone.
Brands have lost sight of the nature of AI and its benefits. They have been overwhelmed by enemies and lost in the dark forest.
The magic of AI from them has not yet arrived.
But it is still not too late.
What if we could bring the same magic to talking to brands?
Part 03
The future
(or the mission we chose)
Not long ago, a group of young experimenters decided to change the status quo. They embarked on a mission to bring the magic of artificial intelligence to brands as well.
Like any self-respecting story, there is a need for an enchanted tool. A sacred artifact that can sweep away enemies. An enchanted ring. A sword in the stone. The weapon that enables one to defeat enemies and win the battle.
Our mission is to create this tool. So powerful as to illuminate the forest in which brands have lost their way. A magic weapon with which to infuse communication between brands and people with magic. A weapon with which to control the capabilities of AI.
The tool we are building is unique. It is incredibly fast to implement. Damn easy to use. And it allows you to control the power of AI.
To deliver the magic of communication to brands, however, one last thing is needed. Heroes who can wield this tool. Such a powerful tool also requires people who can use it.
In fact, the real protagonists of this story are the brave heroes who spread the magic of communication in their companies. The leaders who care about their customers and want to communicate with them with care and attention. The entrepreneurs who have decided that never again will they neglect people. The teams who believe they can be agents of change, and bring magic to communication.
We are coming to the end of this story, and you must be wondering what you had to do with it. Wasn't it a story made for you?
The story is over, but the reality begins from here on out.
You could be one of the heroes of this story and participate in the battle to bring the magic of AI to brands as well.
This is your call to adventure.
We are waiting for you.
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