AI applied to the energy sector: responding to customers 24/7

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AI applied to the energy sector: responding to customers 24/7
the challenge

The starting point

Levigas, an Augusta Ratio Group company operating in the energy sector, was looking for an innovative technological solution for the launch of its new website, enabling it to get in direct contact with its users.

The starting point

The challenge was to equip the company with a tool that would, on the one hand, allow customers to find the solution to the most common service requests and, on the other hand, give potential customers a channel through which they could independently and in zero time search for answers to their questions about the service offered by Levigas.

Paolo Erdas - Customer Service Manager, Levigas

We had been looking for something like this for a long time and with we found exactly the technological innovation we needed.

Paolo Erdas - Customer Service Manager, Levigas
the SOlution

Users at the centre has created a chatbot for Levigas, equipped with Artificial Intelligence, which is able to respond to the main requests for assistance from users and provide useful information on the services offered by the company.

Users at the centre

The bot is able to guide Levigas' customers step by step to carry out the main operations: users can communicate meter self-reading directly in chat, they can be guided through the switching procedure or download forms and documents directly in chat. In addition, in agreed cases, the bot is able to collect useful information about the users from the conversations, and then send a request to contact the operator; in this way, email exchanges between user and operator are reduced to a minimum, and the operator is no longer forced to contact the customer several times for missing information in the email.

The results
The impact of AI on

The number of messages exchanged between bots and users in the first 8 months of activity


of conversations were handled autonomously by the bot without the need for human intervention

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