Artificial intelligence in the IVR of the future

Artificial intelligence in the IVR of the future
the challenge

Taking the user experience to a new level

The insurance company ITAS received a large number of calls to its switchboard. The reasons why the insurance customers called were often the same and repeated over time: some called to get information about a payment, some called to get the phone number of the claims adjuster, others called to find out the status of a claim.

Taking the user experience to a new level

That's why ITAS chose to implement an innovative solution that would allow it to automate the most common phone calls of its customers, in order to reduce the workload of its operators and provide its infrastructure with a system that could be reached 24/7.

Mirko Migone - Director Of Operations, ITAS

With the resources available, we were able to serve just over half of the requests. Today, thanks to the voice assistant, our response capacity is up to 80% and thanks to a more efficient communication flow, our people are engaged on more complex and specialised responses.

Mirko Migone - Director Of Operations, ITAS
the SOlution

Designing natural vocal experiences, in collaboration with its partner IFM - already a contact centre provider for ITAS - has developed a voice assistant capable of handling all telephone traffic relating to claims enquiries.

Designing natural vocal experiences

The assistant is fully integrated with ITAS services and is therefore able to give detailed information on claims to customers who request it and, in appropriate cases, to pass to the operator all the information already collected during the call between customer and virtual assistant. To build the virtual assistant, analysed the call centre call history and conducted a series of exploratory interviews with operators, through which fundamental insights were extracted for the construction of the bot's Knowledge Base and the design of its User Experience.

The results
The impact of AI on

Calls handled by virtual assistant in first 4 months of operation


The number of memos opened independently by the assistant within the insurance company's systems


callers' requests were handled autonomously by the assistant without the need for a human operator to intervene

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