AI at the service of large-scale retailers

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Retail and large-scale retail trade
AI at the service of large-scale retailers
the challenge

The starting point

CRAI, one of the leading retailers in Italy, was looking for an innovative technological solution that would allow it to get in direct contact with the users of its ecommerce 'CRAI spesa online'.

The starting point

The challenge was to equip the website with a tool that would, on the one hand, allow users to immediately find the solution to the most common service requests and, on the other hand, help them navigate through the many products available in the online store in order to add them to their shopping cart.

Tommaso Lippiello - Digital Innovation Manager, CRAI

The adoption of the solution created by Indigo.AI has allowed us to absorb a large volume of customer support requests, from the most general to the specific ones related to e-Commerce

Tommaso Lippiello - Digital Innovation Manager, CRAI
the SOlution

Users at the centre has created a virtual assistant for CRAI, capable of answering the main requests for assistance and providing useful information on the services offered by the company. The bot supports users who have difficulty completing their e-commerce purchase, allows them to find out which areas are covered by home delivery and to get information on their loyalty card.

Users at the centre

In addition to this, an ad hoc flow has been created that allows users to discover and experiment new recipes with the products sold by CRAI: once the name of a product has been entered in the chat, the bot will suggest to the user different culinary recipes that can be made using the indicated product. Not only that, the user can then add the ingredients of the recipe suggested by the bot to the shopping cart, simply with a click in chat. The virtual assistant has also allowed the company to manage in real time the large number of users who flocked to the online store for shopping during the Covid-19 pandemic and to gather valuable feedback on the service offered.

The results
The impact of AI on

Unique users who interacted with the assistant in the first year of activity


The number of messages exchanged between bots and users in the first year of operation


average number of users autonomously managed by the bot each day during the lockdown period (March 2020)

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