The world of supplements at your fingertips: bot wins Life Science Excellence Award

Bayer (Supradyn)
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The world of supplements at your fingertips: bot wins Life Science Excellence Award
the challenge

The starting point

Bayer was looking for an innovative solution that would support its users in their search for information about supplements and nutrition in the Supradyn world, at a time when the line was being enriched with products for specific needs.

The starting point

To this end, Bayer has chosen to collaborate with to create an AI-powered chatbot to be embedded within its key digital touchpoints, with the aim of meeting the needs of all those consumers who prefer to interact autonomously and search for authoritative information in a simple way, through a fluid and positive digital experience.

Mariarosaria Colazzo - Trade Marketing Head, Bayer

The results of Supradyn's virtual assistant have been very positive in terms of numbers, but the real added value is also linked to the data we have been able to obtain: the ability to retrieve insights from consumer behaviour has allowed us to improve the user experience and helped us to target our marketing activities.

Mariarosaria Colazzo - Trade Marketing Head, Bayer
the SOlution

Users at the centre has created for Supradyn the first virtual assistant focused on a single product from the Bayer pharmaceutical company. It is a chatbot with a double objective: on the one hand to provide assistance to users and website visitors about the products in the Supradyn range, and on the other hand to help users find the product that best meets their needs.

Users at the centre

Users landing on the Supradyn website can discover the supplement that best meets their needs by completing a multiple choice "quiz", at the end of which the bot will be able to suggest the most suitable Supradyn product range - this is where the user, if they decide to buy the recommended product, has the option to go directly from the chatbot, to Bayer's ecommerce and proceed to order. The project has increased consumer proximity, engagement and trust for the brand, helping to position Supradyn as a 'top-up specialist'.

The results
The impact of AI on
Bayer (Supradyn)

Unique users who interacted with the assistant in the first year and a half of activity


The number of messages exchanged between bots and users in the first year and a half of operation

1 Prize

Winner of the Life Science Excellence Award in the category Best Consumer Health Project

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