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AI to support travelers at
the challenge

The starting point

Arriva, a major urban and intercity public transport operator with a presence in northern Italy, turned to to find an innovative technological solution that would decrease the volume of tickets and inbound calls borne by the customer service department.

The starting point

The solution's primary goal is to help passengers find information related to fares and route schedules. By automatically providing answers to travelers' most common inquiries, it was possible to offer them quick and accurate service with 24/7 coverage.

Edoardo Esposito, Director of Transformation and Innovation at Arriva

Providing our travelers with a top-notch customer experience while facilitating the work of the operators: this is the goal we have achieved with the platform. From information on schedules and fares to support in finding lost items, we have created a true travel assistant that can help the user at every stage of the experience with Arriva

Edoardo Esposito, Director of Transformation and Innovation at Arriva
the SOlution

Much more effective customer service thanks to AI has created an AI-powered virtual assistant for Arriva that can be reached through web widgets and can answer key service questions and automate inquiries about the schedules and prices of routes operated by the company.

Much more effective customer service thanks to AI

In addition to giving information, the bot acts as a true travel assistant, also present in times of user distress. In fact, passengers can turn to the bot to report the loss of their belongings. By typing "I have lost my luggage," the bot will collect from the passenger all the information needed to recover the lost item, sending operators a report complete with all the data needed for recovery. In this way, the user will no longer have to go searching for an online form or wait for their turn endlessly listening to the call center's hold music. The chatbot has been installed on the different homepages of Arriva-managed areas such as Bergamo and Brescia and is able to gather insights from conversations that are useful for improving communication with users.

The results
The impact of AI on
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The number of messages exchanged between bots and users in the first year of operation


Of the requests are handled independently by the bot


Of the reported objects were found through AI

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