Artificial intelligence at the service of bees

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Artificial intelligence at the service of bees
the challenge

The starting point

3Bee, an agri-tech startup developing intelligent monitoring and diagnostic systems for bee health, has managed to create a network of over 10,000 beekeepers. Thanks to this, they have created a research, development and circular economy program called "Adopt a Hive". This program has been so successful that 3Bee's customer service was unable to handle the flow of user requests.

The starting point

The questions concerned both commercial information about the program and the different honey subscriptions made available, as well as information about after-sales service such as when to receive the product. In order to respond to all the different types of requests, 3Bee was looking for an innovative technological solution that could automate the most common responses, allowing them to quickly find the information they were looking for about the service, with 24/7 coverage.

Niccolò Calandri, CEO, 3Bee's artificial intelligence platform allowed us to successfully manage a high volume of customer service requests, from the most general to the very specific ones related to the 'Adopt a Hive' project.

Niccolò Calandri, CEO, 3Bee
the SOlution

3Bee's virtual assistant for pre- and post-sales customer service management developed for 3Bee a virtual assistant for pre- and post-sales customer service management equipped with conversational Artificial Intelligence. The virtual assistant is accessible through a web widget on the website and is able to answer and automate the main information on the various types of subscriptions offered by 3Bee and questions regarding after-sales service.

3Bee's virtual assistant for pre- and post-sales customer service management

3Bee's virtual assistant accompanies users during the purchase process, giving them immediate support and answering questions about shipping, payment and, in particular, the "Adopt-a-Hive" program. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, 3Bee is now able to be with its users at all times and stay in touch with them even after the purchase.

The results
The impact of AI on

Unique users interacted with the 3Bee virtual assistant in 6 months of operation.


The number of messages exchanged between the 3Bee web bot and users in 6 months of activity.


Phrases labelled thanks to Indigo's platform for 3Bee's bot learning activity over 6 months.

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