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Starting point

Bayer Italia was looking for an innovative solution to help its customers find information on supplements and nutrition within the Supradyn world, right when the iconic line experienced an increase in the number of products for various needs.

For this very purpose, Bayer Italia decided to work with to create an AI-powered chatbot to include on the company’s main digital touchpoints. The primary goal was to meet the needs and expectations of all those consumers who prefer to browse independently throughout the web and search for reliable information in an easy way, thanks to a fluid and positive digital experience.

"The numbers achieved by Supradyn's virtual assistant have been incredibly positive, but the overall value also includes the data we were able to obtain through it: the possibility of gaining insights from consumer behavior lead us to improve the user experience and helped us guide our marketing activities"

Mariarosaria Colazzo

Trade Marketing Head at Bayer Italy


A virtual assistant to get to know users better created Bayer Italia’s first virtual assistant focused on a product, Supradyn, with two goals to achieve: on one hand to provide assistance to the company’s customers and website visitors on products of the Supradyn line; on the other hand to help customers understand what product best suits their needs.

Customers visiting the Supradyn website can identify their supplement by completing a multiple-choice quiz, at the end of which the chatbot offers a range of Supradyn products tailored on their answers. In case customers decide to purchase the recommended product, they can ask the chatbot directly on Bayer Italia's ecommerce page and proceed with the order. The project increased customer engagement and trust towards the brand, helping to position Supradyn as a "refill specialist".


Performances of the model


The number of unique users who interacted with the virtual assistant in the first year and a half of activity


The messages exchanged between Supradyn’s chatbot and users in the first year and a half of activity

1 award

Winner of the Life Science Excellence Award in the Best Consumer Health Project category

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