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The starting point

Uwell is the health and wellness digital platform by Sanofi, the French multinational pharmaceutical company, that integrates innovative services and personalized educational content. The platform can be reached through the website and more recently through the dedicated app as well.

Sanofi's aim was to be able to transform website users into app users, promoting the download of the latter from the app stores. To achieve this objective, they decided to team up with to create a chatbot powered by Artificial Intelligence that could interact 24/7 with both the website and Uwell's Facebook page users.

The virtual assistant we created for Sanofi is a clear demonstration of how Artificial Intelligence can automate processes and bring results even in sensitive and complex sectors such as the pharmaceutical one

Davide Sgro

Project Manager,


Talk to your users built a customized virtual assistant for Sanofi, focusing on a tailored user experience specifically designed to achieve two objectives. Firstly, to offer assistance to Uwell’s website users on the most frequent requests: helping customers search for an open pharmacy nearby, finding specialists available for a video consultation, or simply recovering a forgotten password. Secondly,  to bring users interested in the platform's services to the app store in order to increase app downloads.’s very own Artificial Intelligence technology has also made it possible to manage sensitive issues such as reporting of adverse events by users: the chatbot can recognize these reports and handle them in an appropriate way in compliance with regulations.


Conversational AI impact on Sanofi


Unique users who interacted with the chatbot during the first year of activity


Messages exchanged between chatbot and users during the first year of activity


of users who start a conversation with the chatbot click on call to action

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