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The starting point

As the World Health Organization recalled, together with the Coronavirus pandemic we are as well experiencing an infodemic: an excessive dissemination of news that is false, misleading or comes from unreliable sources.

Misinformation is becoming an issue as serious and dangerous as Covid-19. We at, in collaboration with the Pagella Politica, IRCCS San Raffaele Hospital, and EURECOM, wanted to give our contribution in fighting this phenomenon by creating a solution that would help people not to fall into the fake news trap.

For several years we all have been hearing about the possibilities that artificial intelligence could offer to the fact-checking world. Vera is one of the first experiments in this field and the decision to focus on the Covid-19 emergency was brought precisely by the desire to test the effectiveness of this innovative technology in battling disinformation in a context of real need.

Giovanni Zagni

Director, Pagella Politica


Talk to your users

Is it true that 5G causes Covid? Was Coronavirus created in a laboratory? What’s herd immunity? How long will it take to have a vaccine against Covid-19? To help people receive a quick and precise answer to these questions, we developed Vera, the first Italian conversational assistant entirely dedicated to the Covid-19 health emergency.

This virtual assistant can be found on a dedicated website and aims to help users through an interactive chat conversation to find their way around the massive amount of content related to Covid-19. In Vera's "Checking hoaxes and data in the world" section, users can check and verify suspicious news circulating on social media platforms (e.g. WhatsApp, Facebook, etc), or view updated statistics on the pandemic. On the other hand, the "Questions about Covid-19" section is dedicated to clarify confusion about medical and scientific matters concerning the global health crisis currently happening. Attention to details and mindfulness were the no.1 priorities when it came to give the assistant a strong visual identity that aimed to enhance Vera's characteristics.


Conversational AI impact with Vera


Unique users who interacted with the assistant in the first 3 months of activity


The number of messages exchanged between bots and users in the first 3 months of activity


New pieces of news that needed verification were reported by users in the first 3 months of activity

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