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The starting point

La Mobilière’s Customer Care Team receives a large number of emails every day without having visibility and quantitative metrics on the requests.

The result is a fragmentation of internal processes and a consequent loss in efficiency. To tackle this issue, La Mobilière decided to team up with to overcome these challenges and facilitate the work of the Customer Care Department.

The project developed with La Mobilière is a combination of technology, knowledge and collaboration. Classifying such a large number of emails on very technical topics was no trivial challenge, but using state-of-the-art AI models we managed to achieve a high level of accuracy.

Enrico Bertino

 AI Chief Officer,


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Our goal was to help La Mobiliére to handle their clients' requests more efficiently, saving time and effort to everyone involved in customer care activities. We created a system that classifies incoming requests, based on the collection of 1 million anonymised emails extracted from La Mobilière databases. An automatic service based on Artificial Intelligence to help classify incoming requests and emails, categorize and process them in a more sophisticated way.

The first step of the project has been a semi-supervised analysis of the entire email history of the past few years. This allowed to create a structured Knowledge Base to map all the different requests types. then developed a classifier capable of automatically labeling incoming emails with their area of interest and related topic. The classification of incoming emails allows La Mobilière to proceed with various actions to increase the efficiency of the Customer Care Department: sorting emails, creating automatic drafts to facilitate replies, proceeding with internal integrations to interact with management and recover data automatically.  Relying on’s technology, La Mobiliere can make sense of the massive amount of unstructured data coming in and gain important insights such as numbers,  structured information from emails and the most common topics managed by the team.


Conversational AI impact on La Mobilière

1 mln

Anonymised emails analyzed


Areas of the knowledge base created


Classes of answers that can be automated by our AI technology

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