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Collecting commercial opportunities

MailUp equipped their website with a live chat handled by human operators with the aim of collecting commercial opportunities by asking possible customers a series of profiling questions.

This manual solution resulted very repetitive and energy-consuming: the operators in charge of handling the conversations had to spend part of their time managing users’ questions on top of their tasks on lead acquisition and issue resolution. In addition, MailUp could not guarantee a 24/7 service coverage. The company decided then to rely on to build an innovative tool that would empower them to continue interacting in real time with their customers, 24/7, while collecting new business opportunities and supporting customers in need of assistance.

Courtesy, details and precision: helped us building our chatbot to optimize the user and customer experience on the company’s website. A personalized support for customers and for those who are seeking more information, thanks to the Artificial Intelligence technology that learns from interacting with the users, in a truly accurate conversational approach.

Micol Bellettati

Growth Manager, MailUp


A virtual assistant to get to know users better built an AI-powered chatbot for MailUp, trained to answer and handle the majority of user requests from the company’s website. The user experience has been designed to collect useful insights on people who show interest in MailUp’s services just through a simple conversation.

Asking a series of profiling questions and understanding the answers, the chatbot enables the soon-to-be customer to send an email to MailUp’s Sales Department that contains all the necessary information for the company to understand whether or not the subject is in target and, if so, to contact them back. Furthermore, MailUp’s virtual assistant is a great ally for those users who are not interested in purchasing a service, but instead are looking for information or to receive assistance on a specific topic related to the MailUp world.


Performances of the model


The number of unique users who interacted with the virtual assistant in the first 8 months of activity


Of users enters the lead acquisition flow


The number of customer leads averagely gathered per month

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