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Just Eat





The challenge

Starting point

Just Eat, the leading food delivery app constantly looking for smart and innovative solutions to make the food delivery experience positive and satisfying, continues its journey towards modernization by integrating an AI-driven solution to respond to support requests from restaurants.

The challenge was to make the ticket opening process easier for restaurant owners, on one hand automating it as much as possible and on the other by reducing the most recurring form compilation errors. Just Eat decided to collaborate with to create an AI-powered Whatsapp chatbot (an absolutely fundamental channel for the brand) with the aim of managing fluidly and instantly the needs of restaurant owners, who switch up their menus and services daily.

Restaurants have always been our core customer and our goal is to make the user experience even more effective, offering a presence of partner restaurants on our platform that is always adequate, complete and satisfying. In this direction, and within the broader general strategy based on the values ​​of lead, deliver and caring, the choice to develop together with Justino, the first Just Eat’s chatbot available 24/7 that guarantees to our partner restaurants a direct, easy-to-use and innovative tool for an optimized management of processes and for the effectiveness of the information available online for customers

Daniele Contini

Country Managing Director, Just Eat

The solution

Talk to your users created a virtual assistant for Just Eat focused on managing requests from restaurateurs. The chatbot supports users who need to make changes to their user profile or their online stores such as changes in working hours, delivery areas or to their menus.

The tickets generated by the chatbot are of a higher quality compared to those opened independently by the users; the information entered is more detailed and complete, and the competent department team, to which the tickets should be assigned, is always the correct one, as it is identified by the chatbot through a process of cascading questions. The virtual assistant was also extremely effective during the Covid-19 pandemic, allowing the company to manage in a very short time the numerous requests for assistance due to the uncertainty of the conditions of sale.


Conversational AI impact on Just Eat


The unique restaurant users who interacted with the assistant in the first 6 months of activity.


Of users who generated 1 ticket.


The messages exchanged between restaurant users and the chatbot in the first 6 months of activity

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