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Supermarket & Large-scale Retail Trade


The starting point

CRAI, one of the largest supermarket chains and amongst the main players in the large-scale retail trade field in Italy, was seeking an innovative technology to directly interact with its “CRAI online shopping” e-commerce customers.’s faced here an interesting challenge: to build a tool that would both allow customers to immediately find the solution to the most common support requests and help them navigate the online store by browsing the many products available while favoring adding them to cart.

Implementing the solution created by enabled us to absorb a large volume of customer assistance requests, from the most generic to the more specific ones relative to our e-Commerce website.

Tommaso Lippiello

Digital Innovation Manager, CRAI


Talk to your users built CRAI’s virtual assistant to answer the most common support requests and to provide useful information on the services offered by the company. The chatbot can provide help to customers who have difficulty completing purchases on e-commerce, show what areas are covered by CRAI’s home delivery service and present information about loyalty cards and programs.

In addition to this, created a special conversational experience that allows customers to discover and experiment new recipes made with products sold by CRAI. Once customers enter a product name in chat, the virtual assistant suggests various recipes that can be made with it. On top of that, customers can add to their cart all the other ingredients on the recipe suggested by the bot, with a simple click. The chatbot helped the company manage in real time the massive amount of customers flocked to the online store during the Covid-19 pandemic and to collect valuable feedback on the service offered.


Conversational AI impact on CRAI


Unique users interacted with the chatbot during the first year of activity.


Messages exchanged between chatbot and users during the first year of activity.


Daily average of users managed independently by the chatbot during the lockdown period (March 2020)

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