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The starting point

The website of the product Canesten, a drug owned by the pharmaceutical company Bayer, is more than a place where the characteristics of the product are well described. Canesten’s website is a portal containing articles and questionnaires, surfed by users that are looking for information about women's intimate health.

Bayer was looking for a solution that would help users of Canesten’s website to find the information they need easily and quickly. To achieve this objective, they decided to team up with Indigo.ai to create a button-based chatbot that can interact 24/7 with users.

“We believe that intimate health should not be taboo. Having access to information and talking openly about it, will help with our consumers’ confidence about their intimate health.  At Canesten, we aim to provide science-based effective solutions, as well as reliable knowledge – CARO is an enhancement to navigate our website in an easy and intuitive fashion”

William Vargas

Senior Brand Manager, Bayer


Users at the centre

In collaboration with Bayer Canada, Indigo.ai built CARO, the women's intimate health assistant. Focusing on a tailored user experience specifically designed to simplify the search for content on the Canesten’s website, CARO helps women find the information they need within a few clicks 24h/day.

All they have to do is answer a couple of questions through practical buttons and the bot can provide users with the content they’re looking for. Not only that, if users want to go deeper into the subject, they can click on a "Read More" button and land on the webpage that contains all the details on the researched topic. To meet the needs of Canadian users, the bot is able to speak two languages, English and French, depending on the language set on the site by the user.


Impact on Bayer Canesten


Unique users who interacted with the chatbot during the first three months of activity


Messages exchanged between chatbot and users during the first three months of activity


of users who start a conversation with the chatbot click on call to action “Read More”

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