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Bayer is one of the main pharmaceutical companies in the world. Its Consumer Health division — a leader in consumer health care worldwide — works in more than 100 countries and has over 170 brands on the planet.

In June 2017, to increase traffic and engagement to its information portal, Bayer decided to develop a web marketing strategy focused on the development of a virtual assistant that can support anyone in finding information on health and wellness issues.

The virtual assistant - a chatbot with artificial intelligence - has been identified as the digital channel that is best suited to foster the relationship with consumers on an ongoing basis, actively involving users through instant, interactive, private and personalized conversations. To launch's communication plan, Bayer needed a technological infrastructure that would allow it to be used in a variety of ways. Managing the flow of conversations automatically. Interpreting user requests and providing contextualized responses. Using the content on the portal to teach the chatbot how to understand and respond to users. Consulting in real-time the performance, qualitative and quantitative, of the chatbot.

Bayer is working with on several chatbots projects to improve the experience of users looking for information using digital tools. Over the past two years, has been able to climb Bayer with its technology and has globally entered as our supplier.

Alessandro Rancitelli

IT Business Partner, Bayer


Create relationships

Bayer has chosen to create its chatbot with artificial intelligence, educated on the topics present on - including winter sickness and intimate female health.

The chatbot designed by has allowed Bayer to amplify communication with its consumers who, thanks to the virtual assistant of, will be involved in a real "private" relationship in chat: they can communicate with with the same ease with which they would write to a friend and Bayer can forward them monthly updates with new content and / or curiosity about their favorite topics.

More in detail, the results of the chatbot - thanks to natural language interpretation and automatic understanding of requests - have allowed Bayer to create new content starting from what users ask for in the chat. Involving more than 20,000 users and 500,000 chat messages in just 6 months, the chatbot of allowed anyone to interact with Bayer directly in chat, giving the opportunity to ask for information on their favorite health and wellness topics without downloading a new application, becoming familiar with a new interface or making new updates that require space on the phone and consume data.


Conversational AI impact on Bayer


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