Using AI to build a bank around users' needs

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Using AI to build a bank around users' needs
the challenge

The starting point

In the previous version of the website, users had limited possibilities to receive real time support. The content offered was static and the customer experience could be improved.

The starting point worked with Santander Consumer Bank to harness the power of AI and virtual assistants to improve the customer experience, creating the assistant for the Bank's new corporate website. This conversational experience is one of the strategic touchpoints for Santander Consumer Bank: users who land on the site now have the opportunity to interact with the Bank with ease.

Gianluca Maruzzella - CEO,

For Indigo it was a very challenging project that allowed us to work with a major player in the banking sector. This was our first project in the banking sector, which allowed us not only to provide customer care support but also to help with lead generation.

Gianluca Maruzzella - CEO,
the SOlution

Users at the centre

The core of the new website's structure is in fact a Virtual Assistant, which, thanks to artificial intelligence and Machine Learning, offers users the possibility to express their needs directly in natural language, and is active 24/7. The functions performed by the Virtual Assistant can be grouped into two categories.

Users at the centre

After an initial research phase, we collected and structured knowledge about Santander Consumer Bank, as well as meeting and interviewing people directly. This, not only allowed us to apply AI algorithms to these experiences to automate them, but also to understand how to convey this knowledge to end users, designing quick paths for them. In addition, since the chatbot is equipped with machine learning, each new request that comes in allows the virtual assistant to grow and improve its language skills: on the one hand strengthening the classification, on the other hand identifying new FAQs to be included in the knowledge base.

The results
The impact of AI on
Santander Consumer Bank

Messages exchanged between users and chatbots from installation (August 2018) until December 2018.


Requests received as input are answered automatically.


Users asking for information on specific products find the necessary content at the end of the conversation.

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